Lighthouse, you protect your borders, your boundaries - secure. Lighthouse, guiding a pathway, a safe way back to shore. Lighthouse, you light up the darkest of skies, oh how your light spreads even amongst the fiercest of waves! You are steadfast, light is honest, you are like the Father in so many ways.     … Continue reading Lighthouse

Heart stirred

My heart is stirred by a hunger for justice, for peace to dance away war and end suffering. My heart is stirred to see poverty gone, for fairness of trade, slavery - no more! Let justice triumph for those who need it; let mercy begot for the grieved who seek it. Let people break free from chains that hold … Continue reading Heart stirred

It starts with love

A letter from God  It starts with love, it starts with me. Bring revival to this city, seeing my kingdom released. The lame will walk, the blind will see. Destiny of the righteous is freedom with me. It starts with love, it brings my peace. Take back this earth and see heaven released. Stand up and … Continue reading It starts with love