It starts with love

A letter from God 


It starts with love, it starts with me.

Bring revival to this city, seeing my kingdom released.
The lame will walk, the blind will see.
Destiny of the righteous is freedom with me.

It starts with love, it brings my peace.

Take back this earth and see heaven released.
Stand up and shout out. The day is here.
The triumphant sound of my people loud and clear.
Tell them all, tell them its me.
Tell them their Father has for them a seat.

A seat in Heaven, A seat at the Feast.

A seat with choirs of Angels singing hallelujah, forever, abundantly.
Wake up child, shine now.
Raise the trumpet, raise the shout.
Singing hallelujah, singing it free.
For freedom I have come, I have set you free.

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