Photography · Scripture

Nothing hidden

Magnificent splendour, you display all your colours. Beautiful feathers, rich and wondrous, you display your glory. You attend to the microscopic detail. Creation speaks love for diversity.  Your word brings truth into the light. Like crystals glistening clear and bright, you spread your wings, eloquent, enlightening sight. With you there can be nothing hidden. In you,… Continue reading Nothing hidden


When galaxies collide

Polar galaxies collide inside as you break in, this eruption, alive! Two opposite frame of minds cannot exist when you break through with your love, so overwhelming and divine. Faith from the ashes rising up, an over-flowing stream of volcanic heat seeps out in streams. Death dispersed as you speak, your word, you are calling… Continue reading When galaxies collide

Letters from God


Letter from God: I’m not interested in your Guichi bag, I’m after your heart. I love all of your features, even your dimple chin. I know every hair on your head, I put it there, I made it count. Talk about yourself like how you talk to someone you really love. I see majesty in… Continue reading Beauty


Peace is a person

Eyes blue with fire through Skin bronzed and glowing so The light from within you Reaches out and sows Hope for a future It's like you know   Your lips pursed With ears attuned You'll only speak wise words That are for me to learn Firm but gentle You look to my soul   Your… Continue reading Peace is a person


The rock

Under a rock, waters crashing in, in the shadow of my mind, removed from the light within - I make a poor choice, destruction comes to reap havoc, bringing mental decay. Under this rock I destroy myself, a little more each and every day. "The opposite of creation is destruction" I hear God say. Oh… Continue reading The rock