Tabitha’s Tabernacle

I felt to change my blog name to ‘Tabitha’s Tabernacle’ because in the bible Tabitha was a women who died and was resurrected by God back to life. The word Tabernacle means house of worship.

I have a longer story behind this, which I will share another time, but I just wanted to share a small part of this story to explain very briefly why the change in blog name etc.,

Now I am Tracey, my name has always been Tracey, and I’m proud to be Tracey. I value the name my parents gave me, it means ‘warrior’ and that is certainly who I have been made to be. I am walking in the truth of my name thanks to Jesus and thanks to my parents for naming me – war-like, fighter, warrior, harvester ‘Tracey’. God knows me and calls me by my name ‘Tracey’. I have learnt to own my name and love my name. I really love my name.

God sometimes has other pet names for us, like our parents do, one of God’s pet names for me is ‘Tabitha’, amongst many others. He calls me ‘Tabitha the resurrected one’, just like Tabitha in the story in the bible.

I will leave it there for now and will continue this story soon….

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