Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

Thank you for choosing to read this blog. My prayer is that as you read this blog you will know with God that you are powerful beyond comprehension, that you were born to overcome, that you were made for such a time as this. That the Heavens roar for justice and that the Kingdom of God will pour out in your life and situation. That the truth will be heard, your voice will make the ground shake, the goodness of God will be declared, and you will know how much you are loved and known by the heavenly Father.

I pray that you will know you can trust God to be faithful to you in every situation, despite where you are at, He draws near and He pulls us out of the darkness. That you would know you have a sound mind and that you are covered by His purity and that your light was made to stand on the hill and shine effervescently in all the Earth.

With love,

Tracey Davies

God’s goodness and glory captured in poetry, stories, scripture, photography & more. All to reveal God’s goodness and glory.

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