Come to the feasting table

A letter from God to His daughters…  Come to the feasting table, sit up here with me.  Taste the delicious delicacies, the wine is sweet indeed.  The figs are from the fig tree that you planted here with me.  The apples from the apple tree, the fruits are from great seed.  I made you with … Continue reading Come to the feasting table

Sons and daughters

Joy is my dear friend and she writes so beautifully. Sharing this blog post as it’s so important that we know our identities as sons and daughters

Loved beyond measure

Psalm 139 acknowledges the fact that God knows all about us. We are intimately known by him. It also reassures us that he has given us an identity and we have a future in him. This identity is both individual and corporate. Having an understanding of how God sees us through some of the symbolism and imagery used in the bible, can help us realise, how accepted and precious we are to him. The delight of his heart and the apple of his eye (Zech 2:8).

Having just spent the last two  days at a conference where Leif Hetland, was one of the speakers I am more than ever aware of the fact that God wants us to know our identity as sons and daughters.  In order to know who we are we have to spend time in his presence listening to what the father says and sings over us…

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Tabitha’s Tabernacle – part 2. 

In part 1 I spoke about how one of God’s pet names for me is ‘Tabitha’, in this part I want to speak more about our given names, our ‘pet names’, nicknames and ultimately our identity as sons and daughters of God, and being authentic in our unique identity.   When someone is able to … Continue reading Tabitha’s Tabernacle – part 2. 

Tabitha’s Tabernacle

I felt to change my blog name to 'Tabitha's Tabernacle' because in the bible Tabitha was a women who died and was resurrected by God back to life. The word Tabernacle means house of worship. I have a longer story behind this, which I will share another time, but I just wanted to share a … Continue reading Tabitha’s Tabernacle

Seeking His face

Your eyes glimmer like an ever flowing river, catching the sunshine rays of scintillating shimmer. Fire pours out ablaze with beauty, passion and joy vibrate through my body. A sword for a tongue, a breastplate of bronze, rubies and sapphire, Richest of gold and colours that glow, glisten from your throne, like a deeply desired … Continue reading Seeking His face

Rise up from the ashes, speak out in the storm!

Isaiah 58:1 "Shout it aloud, do not hold back. Raise your voice like a trumpet..." Rise up from the ashes, speak out in the storm! Though your voice may quiver and tremble, declare the truth, be bold and humble. Turn over the evil lies, bring whats in the dark to the light. Shine transparency and … Continue reading Rise up from the ashes, speak out in the storm!