old collection · Poetry

Still, small voice

Blink, think, grasp and hold. My mind is racing, tears unfold. Stop, wait, my head will explode! What can I do to release this fear? No hope!   Push, pull, fast then slow. My pace of life, don’t know how to control! Then a still, small voice gently pokes and  prods, “It’s me you need,… Continue reading Still, small voice

old collection · Poetry

He was slain

From old collection... He was slain Disbelief, it cant be true. Was my life that disregarded just to be pleasing you. Abused and used up. The trauma diswired my delicate matrix, confused and mixed up, it contains pain and my life has been strained. But now I know a new way. One with God above.… Continue reading He was slain

old collection · Poetry

He is my portion

He is my portion   Fishes and loaves, His love shows and grows.   Wine and water, His love a refuge and shelter.   The lion and the Lamb, I am home in your hands.   Bread and blood, His life covers mine.

old collection

Free from aberration

From my old collection.... Free from aberration  My battle cries of old land taken, my future was unsure, my history, communication, shaken. I was so young, yet told this is no big deal. Now I'm older, my reality surreal.   Injustice done and at such a price. My life not my own, lived out in… Continue reading Free from aberration

old collection · Poetry

But a spec

This is a poem from an older collection of mine that I wrote a few years ago...   But a spec in the vastness A drip in the deepest sea A shadow in the alley A light shining You still came for me   Dust and ashes You made me Land continues on and on… Continue reading But a spec