Rise up from the ashes, speak out in the storm!

Isaiah 58:1 "Shout it aloud, do not hold back. Raise your voice like a trumpet..." Rise up from the ashes, speak out in the storm! Though your voice may quiver and tremble, declare the truth, be bold and humble. Turn over the evil lies, bring whats in the dark to the light. Shine transparency and… Continue reading Rise up from the ashes, speak out in the storm!


Beyond all boundaries

My feet walk this world that seems broken, many lost and looking for love. I know the one that has spoken, and He sends out His peaceful dove. His love can heal a thousand wounds, cover a multitude of disgraces. He stands to defend you now, the truth is - He already paid it! My… Continue reading Beyond all boundaries


Look (cries from the homeless)

Look at them stare, gazing, their eyes aloft, no care. 'Just another homeless person begging on the street', thats probably just what they think! Walked passed again, clambering feet. You nearly stood on my bed, this is my home here, where you litter and tread. Please look at me, I exist, I am me. Look… Continue reading Look (cries from the homeless)

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Light, bright shining, magnificent light. Shadows may try to fall, but light withdraws them all. Light, shining tall. Love, conquers all. Fear cannot comprehend it. When love is what consumes all, no one dare try to bend it. Love, not lust, nor boasting or fuss. Pure, unadulterated, simple Love. Laughter, changes a sad face to… Continue reading Light

old collection · Poetry

Still, small voice

Blink, think, grasp and hold. My mind is racing, tears unfold. Stop, wait, my head will explode! What can I do to release this fear? No hope!   Push, pull, fast then slow. My pace of life, don’t know how to control! Then a still, small voice gently pokes and  prods, “It’s me you need,… Continue reading Still, small voice

old collection · Poetry

He was slain

From old collection... He was slain Disbelief, it cant be true. Was my life that disregarded just to be pleasing you. Abused and used up. The trauma diswired my delicate matrix, confused and mixed up, it contains pain and my life has been strained. But now I know a new way. One with God above.… Continue reading He was slain

old collection · Poetry

He is my portion

He is my portion   Fishes and loaves, His love shows and grows.   Wine and water, His love a refuge and shelter.   The lion and the Lamb, I am home in your hands.   Bread and blood, His life covers mine.