For us

A cathedral packed in Vienna on a Friday night bouncing to 'God's great dance floor', people accepting Jesus loves them, multiple denominations, generations, nations singing, praying, multiple languages spoken, jumping and cheering - one love! One Jesus! The cornerstone! He died for us when we were hurting Him, for our freedom, that we might know … Continue reading For us


Powerful & very significant night last night at 24/7 prayer conference Vienna. Multiple dominations, many nations and generations, Catholics and Christians together, all put differences aside, asked for forgiveness for what historically has gone before, all united as one body, one love, one family. Diversity celebrated! This is what love looks like!

Redemption always

I marvel all day at how He made an everlasting way. He chose to partner with us, create and formulate, Heaven's manifest grace, on the face of this place. We are walking love warriors, battling for the cause, desiring justice for the nations and lives restored. He was the Shepherd that found the lost sheep, … Continue reading Redemption always

Come to the feasting table

A letter from God to His daughters…  Come to the feasting table, sit up here with me.  Taste the delicious delicacies, the wine is sweet indeed.  The figs are from the fig tree that you planted here with me.  The apples from the apple tree, the fruits are from great seed.  I made you with … Continue reading Come to the feasting table