this is one of my favourite poems that I have written and I feel it is appropriate for what I am going through now. Being pressed on all sides – I will come through this time, I will be further refined.

Tabitha’s Tabernacle

Dust off the old, drink the new wine. Stretch out your tent pegs, you are cultivated and refined.

Refined in the fire, the blaze of glory; the kiln turns the clay into the everlasting story.

It comes out shining, glazed and pure. It comes out so much better than ever before.

The fire purges your heart inside out. It’s OK to be pressed so that new rivers can flow, no drought.

The milk inside a coconut is worth cracking for. The honey from the bee’s is tasting sweeter than before.

The dessert days are over, its time to fly on eagles wings. Its time to climb out of the valleys and let love sing and sing.

Sing from the mountains, the roof tops, the heights. It’s the greatest joy you have ever known deep down inside.

He loves you with an outrageous love, a reckless unending devotion. He gave His…

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